Welcome to a new week, although the last one of this slightly longer month. Let’s start things off with a new website that can help players, collectors and operators in finding their out-of-home entertainment needs – BlueBurst.gg.

BlueBurst Arcade Directory

Founded by Khalill Marsh, the site was created as a way to “connect with other players around the world” after the rise of social media platforms had disorganized things in such a way that in-person matchmaking for fighting games has become difficult.

The site is still new so there is plenty to add, but like other arcade business directories, it takes user input to add locations and make it better. I just added my own arcade to the mix and hopefully with this signal boost, we can get more of them up there.

What’s interesting is that Marsh is looking to expand it beyond just arcade locations – you can also add game retailers, shops for card and table top gaming, repair shops, and more. In this sense its an “out-of-home entertainment directory,” which is helpful given that we so frequently see retreats to the home for those options.

It also has a tournament payout calculator and some posts on organizing tournaments; There are also categories for Gaming Events and Communities.

Pay them a visit here and if you don’t mind, make an account and start adding locations/events to the mix!

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