Welcome to the last new arcade locations post of 2018. This year has been marked by strong growth in the amusement sector, thanks to favorable economic circumstances and a great pool of games to choose from spanning the course of almost five decades.
One notable trend this year has been the growth of FECs – (Family Entertainment Centers). These are large facilities that tend to house a variety of attractions into one location/building, arcades included among other items. While Japan doesn’t really use the term, I’ll use it here in place of “giant game center,” although I suppose we could start the trend of calling them GGCs – just for Japan.
Catching Up On Japan
Most of our focus has been on locations opening their doors in North America and Europe, but I try and stay apprised of locations in Japan and other parts of Asia. Given that such location opening news is not celebrated internationally (it’s always local focused), it is easy to over look anything that isn’t close by; I only have the benefit of many of you readers sending me news (which I truly appreciate, thank you!)
In going all the way back to August, I’ve compiled research from across various Japanese web pages and social media accounts to give you an update on the new locations I have encountered from the land of the Rising Sun.
Keep in mind – there are various reports of locations closing that I’ve come across (one example of a Round 1 that closed in November) so it’s a little bit of a mixed bag as to the situation there. That said, openings far outnumber the closings. But since negative news tends to become hyper-amplified by the clickbaiter crowd, I would rather focus on the good out there.  Part of the issue as well is that