While November tends to be a time of new game news, there are new venues opening their doors out there. Here are the latest new arcades to discuss:
Gamestate: Winners Only (The Hague, Netherlands)
A distinctly modern arcade experience has opened in The Netherlands, going by the name Gamestate. Arcades play a big role among the various attractions found there, with a strong focus on redemption (judging by the promo movie here). I did catch Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, Space Invaders Frenzy and Virtual Rabbids from the video;

National Video Game Museum Moves From Nottingham To Sheffield (UK)
(Thanks to Kieran M. for this tip)
Since we’re on the other side of the pond with the first bit of news, let’s stay there with an update regarding the National Video Game Museum in the UK. We’ve mentioned the location in Nottingham before, and now they are moving cities. As the facility covers a broad range of gaming types and naturally that includes arcade machines. While I’m not finding a list of the games to expect, you should be able to find arcade titles from the past and the present to enjoy, among consoles and other types of games. Their official website can be found here, but if you want details, check out this article on MCVUK.
Lost Levels (Claremont, CA)
My thanks to CD ageS for sending this tip a few weeks ago, but I forgot to note it and ended up losing the news in the shuffle of IAAPA e-mails I’ve been getting.
Opening their second location in California, Lost Levels is now open in Claremont. The tipster summed it up pretty well, so I’ll just quote him “They have a solid selection of classic coin-op titles like Tempest, Donkey Kong, Tron, Tapper, Super Mario Bros., R-type and so on. They also have a section dedicated