No, this is not a throwback nor time travel post from 1981. While the Atari name and brand is absent from actively manufacturing new games for the amusement market, the current IP holders (Atari SA) have been happy to license their classics out to developers interested in making use of them. For arcades we’ve seen two remakes hit the scene in recent times – first with Atari Breakout by Coastal Amusements followed this past year with the Atari PONG Table by UNIS.
Now the beloved arcade classic Centipede will be joining them, helmed by the experienced crews at Play Mechanix and ICE. AH writer SaraAB87 recently got the chance to play the game when visiting her local Dave & Busters in upper New York state. She said:
Graphically, this new take on Centipede resembles the movie Pixels. It plays with the same concept as the original game, but now there are power-ups, it supports three players at the same time and you use a joystick move your character instead of the trackball.
I was actually really good at it, I think I got up to something like wave 8 and managed to earn 150 tickets, which is good for one play. I’m not the best at actually playing arcade games, but this I got some time on with no problem, probably because I am pretty familiar with the original Centipede, one of my favorite classic games (besides simulators).
In looking closely at the cabinet image here, you can see that the control panel calls it “Centipede Chaos,” while the marquee just says Centipede. Given that this is a location test, it’s pretty likely that the marquee will change for the production version (much like we saw the Nerf Arcade marquee change between the location test and the production still that was sent out, and