A few months back when UNIS held their 2020 Virtual Showcase, they unveiled a game that falls into the genre, if we want to classify it as such, of Namco’s somewhat obscure Prop Cycle. As I understand it, UNIS’ Hyper Glider is not out yet as the second wave of Covid caused them to pause on production of many of those games. As you can surmise from the headline though, there is an alternative out there that has beaten UNIS to the punch called Sky Riders.
Developed by Chinese firm Ace Amusement (they created Wild West Shootout that I played at IAAPA 2019, which is available in the US via Coastal Amusements) Sky Riders joins the fray of a kind of physical gaming that one can only get in arcades. For those unfamiliar with Prop Cycle, this involves sitting on a specialized seat that comes with bicycle pedals, where the faster you pedal, the faster your virtual flying contraption moves in the game. This also comes with a mechanism to blow wind at the user to simulate flying through the air.
Sky Riders not only updates the concept with modern controllers and two models: Standard Twin as shown above;  and Deluxe models that feature a larger screen, more cabinet details & LED lighting, and can be purchased separately then linked.

What stands out about the cabinet design is the steampunk aesthetic, which really fits with the concept of foot-powered flying vehicles like Prop Cycle setup in the first place – although that doesn’t appear to follow-through in the software in any meaningful way, which is a disappointment. The LED effects on this are pretty nice too, as you can catch from the distributor trailer below. It is setup as a ticket redemption (videmption) game, although I believe that Ace offers non-ticket play as