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Announcing Two More Giveaways for August!
I know, I know, articles where we talk about GIVEAWAYS always include me asking for support for TWIP.  But hey, your support is HUGELY helpful in keeping TWIP going, and if we can combine that with you winning cool stuff, then that is at least a little less annoying right??
We’ve got TWO more giveaways lined up for August so far and are working on others.  First, the Gallery Stretch Canvas from Pinball Photos – it was supposed to be a one time giveaway for the month of July.  Recently, Pinball Photos has decided to commit to giving away the beautiful Gallery Stretch Canvas’s ($185) for the next FIVE months!!
Second, Pinball Life has agreed to giveaway PinGulps!!  These two giveaways join the ever-growing list of monthly giveaways here at TWIP!  This month includes:

Pin Stadium Lights ($300)

Mezel Mods Gift Card ($75)

Comet Pinball Two Illuminated Flipper Button Sets, plus Comet t-shirt (~$50.00)

Titan Universal Silicone Ring Kit in Your Choice of Color ($40.50)

Kingpin Pinball Polo and Pinbo Enamel Pin (~$40)

Double Danger Pinball Gift Card ($25)

Jersey Jack Pinball: Dialed In! Translite – autographed by Jersey Jack Guarnieri

Stern Pinball: Iron Maiden Translite – autographed by designer Keith Elwin

Spooky Pinball: Total Nuclear Annihilation Translite

This Week in Pinball: Lapel Pin

Not to mention that we will soon be giving away freaking PINBALL MACHINES from deeproot Pinball!!
See below for TWO WAYS TO ENTER!

First TWIP LE Early Access Emails Sent
The first TWIP “EARLY ACCESS” email went out to the LE Supporters of TWIP last weekend!  It shared upcoming exclusives, confirmed a rumor, and shared some unconfirmed rumors of new titles – rumors that we’ve heard but aren’t vetted enough to include on TWIP.
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