Friction. Killer Queen Arcade. Skycurser. Cosmotrons. Tipsy Raccoons. Rashlander. These are just a few of the indie titles that have found their way to coin-op arcades over the past several years. Now there is another title that is out there which is joining the fray by the name of DeathBall.

DeathBall at Bounce! in Wisconsin.

Designed by Tony Hauber, DeathBall came into being in part thanks to Killer Queen Arcade, and the competitive scene that has grown out of that. From the DeathBall website, here’s a snippet of how it started:
DeathBall started in 2017 as a 6 day project during Tony’s final days in San Francisco leading up to 3rd Annual SF Killer Queen GDC Tournament. While the tournament raged on at San Francisco’s Brewcade, there was small laptop with two XBOX controllers in the corner that was drawing more and more attention. A simple concept, two wizards, one ball, one bubble, one button, lots of possibilities. […]
Designed to be a simple one-button, one-joystick game packed with an expressive set of moves, DeathBall quickly grew an awesome fan bases as it toured Killer Queen tournaments and Arcade shows in 8 different states around the US. Now it can be played in 8 different locations [Editor’s note: This is now up to 11] around the country, with many more coming on line soon.
It’s interesting how it has been able to gain some attention by connecting with KQ, and using some of the same methods that game did to gain recognition. According to Tony: “We have 3 leagues going for it nationally and have already had 4 major tournaments.” Leagues & tournaments really seem to be the way for retro-style games to gain traction in today’s world. It is also nice to see another kind of game with a retro feel that is made for