It’s been more than a month since we looked new arcade locations that are opening their doors out there, so let’s jump into it! I’m going to break this one into small independent locations followed by FECs
The Indies
EightyThree 2.0 (Moore, OK)
Mentioned on the blog and our social media a little while ago, retro arcade EightyThree ran into some trouble with their location and needed to find a new place to operate. That new location has been secured and by the pictures on Facebook, they are about ready to open their doors for business once again. The game mix looks to be the same, with a strong focus on the classics, as pictured below. You can find them on Facebook here.

Outer Orbit (San Francisco, CA)
Opening back in August, Outer Orbit brings a pinball focus to a stylish eatery. I’m not seeing any video games but they do cover a range of eras on the pinball side. These include: Deadpool; Fish Tales; Funhouse; Game of Thrones; Guardians of the Galaxy; Monster Bash; Star Wars (2017); Total Nuclear Annihilation; TRON and more. I think they might rotate some games out, but someone who has been there will have to confirm that for us. Visit their official website here.
VERSUS (Boston, MA)
Big Night Entertainment Group is bringing a new bar/arcade to the area, although so far I have been unable to find details on what games will be available there. It will have an ’80s flare to it, so I imagine they will cover those retro bases. Their official website is here; their social media is mentioning different job fairs, but no grand opening date has been announced at this time.
The FECs
Cinergy Entertainment (Armarillo, TX)
Monday saw the grand opening of a 90,000 sq. ft. FEC in Armarillo, sporting movie screens, food, party rooms, bowling, a rope