Most everyone is going to be paying attention to E3 news that is hitting the wires this weekend but there are still things going on in the world of arcades. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far:
My Arcade In Utah Has Been Open For 10 Years
I mentioned this on Twitter and figured I would take the opportunity here to express my gratitude to the many people in my life who have been a part of helping me ‘live the dream’ of operating an arcade over the past 10 years. From family to friends to industry professionals of every aspect, collectors and gamers, it has been an honor to be able to operate an arcade in my little corner of the world. Arcades live – don’t let anyone convince you otherwise

Connect 4 Hoops Shows Up On Bay Tek’s Website
You might recall a short time ago that we were tipped to the existence of a new arcade basketball machine that Bay Tek Games was working on called Connect 4 Hoops. While I didn’t expect to see more about this one until the end of this year, it suddenly received a page on Bay Tek’s website this past week. Thanks to Jordan for sending me the tip on this one; he said he stumbled across it while looking for something else. I haven’t seen any mention of it on Bay Tek’s social media yet but the page says “Buy Now”. While it’s certainly an enormous looking game, I noticed that the dimensions are different from what the webpage says and what the flyer says…so not sure which one is correct. I’m sure that will be corrected soon

Commercial Version Of The Atari PONG Table Project Spotted In Japan
Setup at Taito’s version of the bar/arcade called MEGARAGE, this tweet has a few pictures of