Welcome to the latest edition of Newsbytes. I’m your host, Adam the Arcade Hero, and I’ll take you on a quick tour of some quick news items from the arcade/pinball/amusement worlds. I missed this last week, but oddly enough there wasn’t a ton to talk about last week, so some of it was moved to this.
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Arcade Dreams Launches Kickstarter
I had meant to get to this one earlier in the week, thanks to AlexBGM for giving me the heads up on it. Arcade Dreams is an up-and-coming episodic documentary by Rock Steady Media. It’s about the arcade industry and promises to be “…the first documentary to tell the complete story: from the penny arcades of the early 1900s, through pinball’s glory days and the video generation, to the virtual reality worlds of today and beyond.” To raise funds for the production, they have launched a Kickstarter, with a goal of $95,000 to fund all of the desired content. So far they are just a little over $15k, with 41 days to go – perhaps some of you readers can help get them across the finish line. Here’s the official teaser trailer that should give you a good idea of what to expect!

I’ll definitely be looking forward to this one. Even though my exposure to the pre-70’s era of arcades is somewhat limited, I’ve always been fascinated by that part of history, and how to design a game that had the limitations of what mechanisms could provide. Of course, I’m also interested in seeing how they cover the video industry Hopefully, they get their hands on a number of old trade magazines like Replay and Play Meter, which are excellent time capsules for this sort of thing.
Guns ‘N’ Roses Pinball Adds WiFi
Jersey Jack Pinball released this video to show game owners