Welcome to Newsbytes, a collection of quick news items from around the world of amusement for your weekend reading pleasure. This week was the busiest of the shortened month for arcade news, and March is generally a little busier, although we won’t have Amusement Expo to provide any kind of boost in that regard.
Arcade Card Game Database
Over the years, there have been many cards designed for saving data across games. Most of these systems have come from Japan, although once in a while other non-JP companies came up with such systems. No one has bothered to track these cards (as far as I know) until now, where Namer Merli has created a Google Spreadsheet that lists out all known cards, with a photo, year, company that made it, the type, the game, and any extra info needed. It’s still a WIP and you can contribute to it if you’d like.
Looking through it, Sega & Bandai Namco certainly made a lot more cards than I realized – if you have info to share, be sure to contribute! I’ll have to upload the US Banapassport card used for Maximum Tune 5…although I’m guessing he doesn’t want to track all of the redemption cards that can be found on games like Injustice/Marvel/Star Trek/ etc (That would probably be a project for a different sheet to handle).
InitialD: The Arcade Released
I’ve mentioned it before, but this week was the day where Sega launched the latest InitialD piece, InitialD: The Arcade to Japan. Here’s a cab image:

Next Week: The Secret Life of Components Video Series
We have mentioned creator Tim Hunkin before – he operates a couple of locations in the UK that are wholly focused on electro-mechanical games that he created himself. He recently became inspired to create a video series that gets into the nitty-gritty