It’s 2020 and it’s time for our first Newsbytes of the year! If you’re new around here, this is where we take a look at some quick items from around the arcade world to give you something to read over the weekend.
As a note for the site, I think there’s no other choice than to switch hosts, which I will be deciding upon next week. Hopefully there isn’t any super major news when the switch happens, as the site might be down for server changes, but I’m also hoping to prevent downtime as much as possible.
While the Consumer Electronics Show isn’t primarily focused on arcade style stuff, we’re increasingly seeing more arcade companies make their way their. Stern Pinball had their typical CES booth (which is always more interesting that what they bring to IAAPA/Amusement Expo), starring Stranger Things (Pro and Premium), Jurassic Park Premium and Star Wars Comic Art. As a sidenote, if you’re in the UK, then one distributor by the name of Liberty Games sent me a link mentioning that they have all three models available. I heard something about Stern trying to simplify the overseas sales process, although I don’t know what that entails.

@sternpinballinc have a great looking stand at #CES2020 and #starwars and #strangerthings to play
— Patrick Michael (@ArcadeDev) January 9, 2020

UNIS was on hand with two of their units that debuted at IAAPA 2019, Pong Knock Out and On Point. They posted a video to showcase the safety sensor of On Point, which is something that a lot of people were wary about during IAE (although I never saw any issues in that regard).

Home game maker Arcade1up also grabbed a number of headlines with their new announcements surrounding virtual pinball, BurgerTime, Golden Axe and more:

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