Hello fellow Heroes, I hope that you’ve had a great week. Today’s Newsbytes is heavy on the videos, so if those are your thing, you should enjoy this post.
Before we get to that, I just wanted to do some quick shameless self-promotion Some of you had asked if I would be getting a print version of the Arcade Heroes Arcade & Pinball Gaming Almanac, and while it’s a little late, it is available now through Amazon. So if you like your books in print, you can grab one here! Since someone asked, no, I do not mind signing one if you have a copy with you at IAAPA, although I haven’t setup any sort of book signing event My sincere thanks to any buyers of either copy, as this is another low-key self-published effort.
Now, onto the news!
The Big Buck World Championship XI Event
Big Buck Hunter fans, it’s that time of year, where the best of the best come together to find out who is the best virtual hunter in the world. With $100,000 total up for grabs, this is nothing to sneeze at; the venue is also more impressive than ever, as shown by the Featured Post pic. You can watch the feed below, of if that doesn’t work, watch it directly on Twitch.tv.

Pump It Up Celebrating 20 Years
Did you know that Andamiro’s arcade dancing game turns 20 this year? If not, then you know now. To celebrate, Andamiro is launching a new software build for the game that will be shown off at IAAPA 2018 in a few weeks. That said, it will also be available on mobile and HTML5, although as I like to remind people, the arcade version is going to be a superior experience

WACCA Draws Attention In Japan
[Thanks to Kieran M. for the tip]
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