Welcome to Newsbytes, a curation of arcade content from around the web that is generally run on the weekends. While a lot of general news in 2020 has been terrible, to say the least, there can be good things out there if you look for them. Hopefully this compilation helps lead you into a decent or great weekend. Let’s go!
Coming Soon: New Game From Arcade Heroes
I suppose it’s time to start hyping up my next project – partially as a way to keep myself motivated to see it through to the end. A couple of years ago, I started doing research to build an arcade-focused trivia game. It soaked up a lot of my free time, but after I came up with 1200~ questions (spanning the 1970s to now), it just sat on my computer. I’m not a coder by any means, but recently I was pointed to a pre-made Quiz game kit on Unity, and I’ve been working to finally turn those questions into a workable, sellable (and hopefully, fun) game.
Unfortunately the process hasn’t been 100% easy peezy, as importing my questions didn’t work as the XML importer had promised(and the template developer went AWOL to help with questions), so I had to go through every single question and manually input it into HTML text. I also didn’t want to just dump questions into a template and call it a day; Anything I make I want to have some of it’s own personality to it. That takes longer to do, but I think its worth it. I originally wanted to make something like Quiz & Dragons, but concept is too ambitious for what I can do right now. Maybe in the future though for the “sequel.”
At this point, the question stuff seems to be working, categories are all sorted,