It’s time for another newsbytes, bringing together several pieces of quick news from around the wonderful world’s of arcades & pinball. Where it is Memorial Day weekend in the US, a lot of people are out and about to begin their summer vacations, which means that for some arcades, they should be busy. If you are one of those people, then safe travels!
Stern Begins Making Batman ’66: Catwoman Edition
If you were wanting to see more of Julie Newmar’s Catwoman in Stern’s Batman ’66 pinball, then you are in luck as the company teased that a new Batman: Catwoman Edition is currently in production. I did reach out to Stern to see if there were any other details beyond this Facebook post (also asking about more pictures), but that is all that have to say about it for the moment.

Sega’s Next Arcade Release Is A “Big License”
We have no idea what that license will be yet, but come IAAPA 2019, we’ll get to play whatever it is. That could be OutRun 3 as teased way back (this November would have given that project about 24 months to brew, which is around average for game dev time in this business), or it could be something else entirely. Kevin Williams did point out else where that the Ferrari license for Out Run in the past was not exactly a cakewalk for Sega, but if it is OutRun 3 I imagine all of that will have been ironed out by the time the release rolls around. What do you think it is?
Oh, and speaking of Sega, they uploaded a new House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn promo to YouTube this week:

Bandai Namco Opening A VR Zone Portal in Leeds, UK
Thanks to Kieran May for this one. While I had heard about Bandai Namco opening