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Let’s kick off with some quick NBA Jam history:

25 years ago a small team at Midway Games created NBA JAM and changed the world of sports video games forever. Congratulations to Mark Turmell, Sal DiVita and everyone involved in making a timeless classic! #NBAJam25 pic.twitter.com/0RDqRc3wXP
— Ed Boon (@noobde) August 20, 2018

Connect 4 Hoops Launch & 4Pong
After seeing the impressive Connect 4 Hoops at the International Bowl Expo a short time ago, I knew it was supposed to officially launch “in the summer,” but when exactly wasn’t known yet. This week seems to be the time as Bay Tek uploaded this trailer to showcase the game as it begins shipping out to locations now.

Speaking of that game, you might recall that when we first heard about it, it seemed to have been born of the idea of a homemade project seen on YouTube. So, who knows if this 4Pong idea might also find it’s way into arcades at some point. Since we’ve had beer pong arcade games, perhaps a conversion kit like this would work out in refreshing one of those cabinets: (thanks to Josh Steinberg for the info; 4Pong website is here)

Pump It Up Prime 2 To Get The “11th Final Update” This Coming Monday
If you’re into Pump It Up, then get ready for another update to Andamiro’s signature dance arcade game. This looks like it focuses just on more songs; I imagine that the software itself is fine at this point. Although if it is truly the “final” update, I wonder if that means we’ll be seeing a PIU Prime 3 or Infinity 2 this November at IAAPA…

The Galaga Chronicles Animated Series Picks Up Steam
Thanks to Stingray for sending this my way. I’ve lost track of the many times that Hollywood