It’s time for another Newsbytes, where the pieces of news are quick, but all related to arcades.
Dancerush Stardom Lands At Dave & Busters in San Diego
I saw a lot of chatter on Twitter about this, but was not able to get any additional information from Dave & Busters themselves after reaching out to them, so here’s the tweet that Toby passed along about it. Since the company isn’t confirming anything about it, I would venture to guess that this is just a test for now, not an indication that every location is about to get one.
(image below does have a profanity, as an alert)

Um OK so Dave n Busters San Diego got Dance Rush. This means legit Bemani outside of Round1. @Tedward618 @LMA05AM @adamaniax @stuart_foy @arcadeheroes @AceJayDX @arcadebelgium
— Toby (@7Ten) July 15, 2019

DDR A20 Releasing On The 24th; Coming To All Cabinets?
Konami has announced that the 20th anniversary celebration software of Dance Dance Revolution, A20, will launch on the 24th (next Wednesday). I don’t believe there will be any difference as to how this is handled in distribution out West (nothing official, anyone interested has to get in on the special group-buys). That said, according to a claim on, A20 will also be available as a kit that is capable of working with previous DDR cabinets from DDR X (2008) on up; this includes any of the Betson-made cabinets with e-Amuse readers. This is the only source for this info though (I hadn’t heard of this , so we’ll have to wait and see.
Since we’re on the subject of rhythm games, check out this direct capture footage of a new title that launched in Japan this week by the name of WACCA. It’s kind of like seeing Sega’s MaiMai and Atari’s Tempest (well, more a bonus round from