Welcome to this weekend’s Newsbytes. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have bought my latest book, I hope you are enjoying it. Let’s get to the news:
Deadpool Pinball: The Stream
In case you missed it this week, the pinball wizards over at Dead Flip got their hands on a Stern Deadpool pinball machine. While this video is over 2 hours in length, it teaches you how to play the game while showing it in action. Enjoy:

Galaga World Championship
Let’s start today’s Newsbytes with a long article entitled: “Every Mission Is A Suicide Mission.” The subject of the piece – Namco’s Galaga, and the people dedicated to competing on the iconic arcade classic. It’s a fascinating piece that gets into competitions, game design, game history, dedication and more about what it takes to win the Galaga World Championship.
Tipsy Raccoons Explanation Trailer
Curious about how the new “drinkcade” Tipsy Raccoons works? Then check out this handy little trailer. If you are a fan of party games (particularly any of the few arcade games in this genre, like Bishi Bashi Champ), then you really can’t go wrong with this one:

Actor Bruce Boxleitner Headed To Free Play Florida
If you plan on attending Free Play Florida in Orlando this November, then you’ll get to enjoy more than just playing a bunch of arcade and pinball machines on free play. You’ll also get to meet with the actor who played TRON, one of the most influential arcade-involved movies ever made. He is still a very busy actor, so it’s nice to see him open the schedule for something like this.

Fans of #Tron won’t want to miss actor Bruce Boxleitner joining #FreePlayFlorida on Saturday, November 10th! Get your tickets now! #Orlando #RetroGaming #VideoGames pic.twitter.com/Dl3KFtVhQH
— Free Play Florida (@freeplayfla) August 13, 2018

Enhancing Greatness: The Sega OutRun