Welcome to the weekend fellow arcade users. Here are your compiled Newsbytes to enjoy as we head into August.
Stern Pinball Teases Deadpool
The rumor mill had pegged Deadpool (the Marvel comic book character) as Stern’s next release and by this video teaser posted yesterday, it’s no longer a rumor. This only shows a bobble/bash toy with a humorous voice over, but knowing how Stern rolls these things out, we’ll see a slew of information hitting the web in the next day or two.

LAI Games Launching A Smaller Version Of Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride
Briefly mentioned in a Replay Magazine newsletter the other day, LAI Games has listened to concerns from operators over the size and cost of their Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride machine, and are in the process of producing new compact models. The “compact” edition is 36″ shorter than the standard model, the changes only made to the back marquee portion of the game (judging by this comparison below). That looks to be using a 32″ monitor instead of the 55″, and there is no Rabbids marquee. The release mentioned that the company is getting these onto cruise lines, but the LAI website does not show it yet, and I have not heard of distributors offering it for sale so far. That said, I imagine that will be rectified shortly.
Mario Kart VR Lands In The UK
You might recall that London has one of the few Bandai Namco operated VR ZONEs around. The London location has not enjoyed the same setup as VR ZONEs have in Japan, but this week that is starting to change as they added what is perhaps the most anticipated VR title to date – Mario Kart VR. Site friend Kevin Williams was there for the launch and while I have yet to hear his take