It’s time for a late-late night Newsbytes, at least when I’m writing and publishing this post. It’s been a super-busy week for me, as I’ve been involved in managing an arcade at the Slopes Arcade that was a part of the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City, UT. My personal thanks to those with the Summit that helped me it happen, while also giving me an opportunity to put my own arcade business in front of the gaming and tech communities of Utah.
Since this is so late, I’ll be rushing a bit without too much commentary on the news items of the week that I missed, overlooked or didn’t have time to get to.
The Exa-Arcadia Arrives
A week shy of two years ago, I posted about the Exa-Arcadia multi-game system. On the edge of two years later, I have received my EXA board and have installed it into the cabinet. I have filmed some of the process, but because it arrived while I was at the aforementioned tech summit, I was unable to get to installing it until this afternoon (which was nicely busy at my place, which makes it a little tough to do filming). That said, I got it into the cabinet and playable for customers to enjoy. There were some minor issues in the configuration that caused some initial problems(my misconfiguration of the JVS I/O board, my TV settings and needing to finish wiring my cabinet up). I wasn’t able to finish filming tonight, but will do so on Monday.

Iron Man Getting A Vault Edition
I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t seen this posted anywhere except from a mention at a distributor, although I admittedly didn’t look everywhere that pinball news is shared. Stern Pinball’s Iron Man is getting a remake via the Vault Edition method,