Welcome to Newsbytes, a weekend collection of quick news from around the arcade/pinball world. Since major arcade news has been historically slow this year, we’re seeing more Newsbytes posts than usual, but at least there’s still something to talk about.
Exa Games On Test, In Action
I’ve come across a Japanese based YouTube channel that has been posting some footage of the Exa-Arcadia games that have been on test, so let’s share some of that with you. Just note that these are not direct captures, just pointing a camera at the screen as we usually have to do with arcade games. We’ve had debates online (Discord, other places) regarding location tests – I do wish that more American arcade devs would take their final phase testing public like they do in Japan, using that as a way to build promotional momentum for their games, but I doubt we’ll see that change any time soon.
Super Battle Princess Madelyn: Ghosts ‘N Goblins fans, you’ll want to be taking note of this one if you haven’t already – I updated the post about SBPM this week to include information about what is different about the arcade version, but here you can see it with your own eyes. I can’t think of any other arcade game other than Capcom’s GnG games to go for this particular style of play; I also have to say that from my observations on having an Exa for seven months, games with an ‘easy mode’ are also quite welcome:

Blazing Chrome AC: As a treat for Contra fans, another style of game that’s been absent for too long in our industry, here’s Blazing Chrome AC. This one draws a bit from the beloved Contra III: The Alien Wars, which never enjoyed an arcade release. As mentioned near the bottom of the post,