Welcome to Newsbytes, a “quick” spattering of arcade news for your weekend, that often ends up with more commentary than warrants a “quick” post There hasn’t been a lot of arcade news this week, although a few things popped up over the past couple of days.
Fight of Gods Arcade Edition Now Available
H/T to Arcade Belgium for this one. Available on PC for a while now, this tongue-in-cheek religious & myth themed fighter can now be grabbed for arcades via the exA-Arcadia platform. Changes/enhancements include new fight balancing with low input lag play, a new character by the name of Beliar, new soundtracks from Go Sato and additional language support. They do offer to remove Buddha as a selectable character for customers in certain territories, although that has to be requested when ordering. The kit package comes with artwork and instructions, just like other exA titles do, and the cost is on-par with the two other fighters on the system, Chaos Code and Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ.

New Trailer For Heiyankyo Alien 3671/Cosmic Digger 3671 AC
It’s been quite a while since we heard about the remake of an obscure maze/digging game that was among the first titles announced on the exA. The last time was when I played it at CAX2018, but today here’s a new trailer posted on Twitter. The gameplay seen here is much faster than what I’d experienced; Unfortunately, Twitter’s compression makes some detail a little hard to notice with so much going on. Per the tweet, the game will be playable at some event in Japan on Sunday. Per the exA website, it will launch sometime next year.

明日はいよいよゲームレジェンドですね!マインドウェアはブース番号49にてお待ちしております!平安京エイリアン for exA、数字の星のありすとゆーをプレイアブル展示します。是非お立ち寄り下さい。#ゲームレジェンド #ゲーレジェ pic.twitter.com/gl3NZtxFhW
— MickyAlbert (@MickyAlbert) November 14, 2020

DSM Arcade Launches Switch ‘N’ Shoot Mini-Cab
Speaking of indie games, if you are in the market for something that comes in