Hello valiant readers, and welcome to this edition of Newsbytes. I haven’t really been able to keep the site up-to-date this week with posts, as this was crunch week to get my 2nd arcade location started…yesterday I moved games onto a 26′ truck and drove them about 40 miles north, but of course there were some issues with the truck that set us back a good 3-4 hours. Still, my heartfelt thanks to the family members and friends who came out to help – I have had to do a lot of stuff by myself up there, but moving games isn’t one of them.
Onto the news:
Golden Tee 2021 Now Available
September 28th marked launch day for Incredible Technologies and the latest iteration of their golfing masterpiece. If you have an existing Golden Tee 2020 cab, then there are a number of ways to update the machine, but if you’ve been wanting to get in on the action with a brand new cabinet, then you can go for that too.
Now they just really, really need to add Retro Raccoons to their games page, which just added a new zombie shooter mini-game to the mix.
Bandai Namco Stealth Releases Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Cocktail Coin
Granted, this is just another model of a game that was launched a couple of years ago, but I’m sure it’s welcome for locations that like cocktail cabs. The game has only been mentioned via tweet so far; It’s not listed on the Bandai-Namco Amusement site yet, so that’s why I call it a “Stealth release.” They have had the non-coin cocktail available for some time, so this just completes the circuit.
Here’s hoping that a Maximum Tune 5 update and some other new video game (something mentioned by the company back in March as “coming to IAAPA – if IAAPA happens”)