Welcome to this edition of Newsbytes, a quick collection of arcade news from around the world to share with you. There hasn’t been a lot to share lately, thus I haven’t done a Newsbytes in a bit, but there was enough to do one today. We’ll have “normal” arcade news, with stuff related to the pandemic at the bottom.
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Incredible Technologies Reveals Golden Tee Go
At Amusement Expo 2020, Incredible Technologies had a monitor with a countdown on it. Naturally, they were being coy about what it was counting down to, but it appears that they’ve pulled the curtain back on it, showing Golden Tee Go. This is a non-coin/commercial version of Golden Tee that is “portable,” although not pocket portable like a Nintendo 3DS or a phone would be. It will include arcade-quality controls, and a monitor built into the panel, although there appears to be video out ports on the back. Details on pricing and ordering are “coming soon.”

Here’s a little more info about our new friend called #GoldenTee GO! #ComingSoon pic.twitter.com/EoTNdLwi6A
— Golden Tee Golf (@GoldenTee) May 15, 2020

Insert Coin Documentary Review
DiscussingFilm.net has a review of the new documentary about Midway Games that was supposed to debut at SXSW 2020, but since that was canceled, the opening was postponed. Fortunately, this site got a chance to see it and share their thoughts. The film benefits greatly from the director being a former Midway employee, Joshua Tsui, who “uses his inside knowledge and resources to make an insightful, yet easy-going dive into the dogma of the arcade industry.