As you can tell, arcade news has continued to be slow for September, which is pretty normal. As school starts up, there are many projects in the works that will be headed to IAAPA, but it usually isn’t until October or November that we really hear about them. In the meantime, here are a few quick stories I’ve come across for our Newsbytes this weekend:
House Of The Dead Prototype Footage
Our friend over at Andy Geezzer Services posted quite the treat to his Facebook page this week, information about the House Of The Dead 1 prototype ROMs that he has. The ROMs have been dumped to MAME so that others can enjoy this different version of how Sega’s iconic zombie shooter game was before production. Thanks to that, here’s 2 1/2 minutes of that game in action:

The CART Documentary Hits A Major Snag
This week I had the pleasure of meeting Art & Stanley of the CART Documentary Project. Using their own money, they were on a road trip across the US, stopping by various arcade locations along the way and interviewing the owners about our craft. Like usual I got a little long-winded on the subject of arcades, but it was a lot of fun.

Behind the scenes @gamegrid
— The CART Documentary (@CartDocumentary) September 3, 2018

Unfortunately only two days after I sat down with them, this tweet hit the internet:

Due to a rather catastrophic event, “The C.A.R.T”, has been put on hold. I truly appreciate everyone’s time and effort. I cannot thank you all enough and I am sorry for this. -Stanley
— The CART Documentary (@CartDocumentary) September 5, 2018

While I’m not 100% sure about what happened, they did state that the equipment they were using to make the film were lost (not sure if misplaced or stolen), thus putting the project