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IAAPA Expo 2019 – Final Edition
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IAAPA19 Post #4
Per usual, I’ve been sidetracked on getting all of this finished in a timely manner, but here are my final thoughts on IAAPA this year; I will try and shoot a video where I do a full summary, but before I post that I will be sharing the results of the Game of the Decade poll.
A strong line-up of games were on display at this IAAPA, which included some variety from the norm. Overall, this was one of the best IAAPA’s that I’ve been to. There was a lot of energy and excitement, and more than enough to do (like usual, I missed a few things, despite running around the show like a madman most of the time). It indicates that from a product/game perspective, we’ve got plenty of good stuff coming our way in 2020. There were some disappointments – I miss seeing Namco give us a new video game, and it was too bad that a lot of the products we’ve heard about on test weren’t ready or were canned completely. But what we will get provides a lot of options for venues to pick up. I also enjoyed surprises like Super Firing, or being able to play games I’d read about like Mission: Impossible Arcade, Outnumbered, Nitro Trucks and others. Now, that’s just my opinion – I did talk with a couple of people who were on the same page as myself, and a couple who were the complete opposite.
Here are the remaining videos I’ve posted from the event; you can