Welcome to yet another weekend and with it another round of Newsbytes, a collection of items from around the arcade world that don’t necessarily need a full-blown post to talk about. While the month has been slowish for big news, this week accumulated a lot of small stories, so let’s jump in:
Sega & Namco Collaborate On InitialD x Wangan
Challenging times make for strange bedfellows, although Sega & Namco have worked together on arcades in the past. Still, this announcement of the two star arcade racers for each company coming together is a little bit of a surprise. InitialD: The Arcade launches this next week to Japanese arcades and it will allow players to race as popular cars from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (such as the Devil Z). It sure would be cool if Bandai Namco could do the reverse here on MT5 and proffer an update that allows us to play with certain ID cars on MaxiTune 5…

JAEPO Was This Week…
…but due to Covid, it was hastily set-up at the last minute as an online-only event. Also because the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in Japan, there wasn’t much announced, leaving us with a Newsbytes blurb instead of a full-blown post or two like we’ve done in the past.
That said, an anonymous tipster did send me an unlisted video by Bandai Namco Amusements that was created for BNA’s “International Customers.” Now before anyone gets excited and starts blasting this all over the place, you need to note what this means – it does NOT mean North America. This is talking about non-Japan parts of Asia, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and sometimes Australia. I did confirm with BNA America that none of what is mentioned below is intended for the States, New Taiko No Tatsujin in particular thanks to