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Insert Coin Documentary Trailer
This should’ve got it’s own post this week, but I was super-super busy. It has been mentioned on the blog before how often Midway/Williams history seems to get overlooked compared to the likes of Atari and Sega. But, that is changing more and more as the people behind the Midway games of the 80’s and 90’s are more than happy to share their history with people. We’ve done so a few times when it comes to unreleased games, but the stories behind the released games are just as interesting – and more impactful, since those are games that many of you have created memories with. That’s what this upcoming documentary gets into a good history of the company – I look forward to seeing the whole thing (direct link here; thanks to Cody Melior for sharing this)

Exa-Arcadia News: Game Shipments; Gimmick! exAct Mix Details
It’s also been a post-worthy week for Exa-Arcadia, as many users who ordered their boards have begun receiving them. To that end, here is an unboxing video of an Exa board, which went into the hands of a collector. I’ve been talking with the Exa-Arcadia CEO (ShouTime) about it and there has been an interesting trend – there are a lot shoot ’em up fans who jumped on getting an Exa, due to the amount of support that the system is giving to the genre. As you’ll see in the videos, these collectors have been mainly grabbing Aka & Blue Type-R. ShouTime said that for orders on Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ, that has only come from operators so far. For myself, my Exa board should be shipping out this weekend, then it will be in my hands by the end of next week/beginning