This was a slow week for news, although I was plenty busy with my new route location. Unfortunately, the technical issues there have been a bit of a time consuming headache, coupled with several games at my arcade breaking down (when it rains, it pours). That means I’ve had my head inside machines most of the week, but here’s a breather to collect some of the quick news for you to chew on this weekend.
JAEPO 2019 Preview
Next week – particularly the end of the week – is going to be very busy for arcade news, as Japan is throwing their annual JAEPO event starting on Friday. I don’t recall it ever happening this early in the year before, usually it’s in February, but we’ll not complain.
In the run up to such trade shows, Japanese companies love to preview much of what they plan on bringing to the show. This is done on specific JAEPO websites, which you can find a few here:

Official JAEPO 2019 website (English)
Sega’s JAEPO site
Bandai Namco’s JAEPO site
Taito’s JAEPO site
Konami’s JAEPO site

It is also important to note that Exa-Arcadia will be making big moves next week, with around 20 new announcements on content and plans. They do not have a JAEPO specific page that I am aware of, but their official website now showcases a few of the initial launch titles. We’ll certainly be gathering and sharing as much news as we can from them. The system itself will not be released at the Expo, but it will be this year (and worldwide).
Much of the news to leak so far doesn’t pertain to any games that appear to be destined for the West, with most of these games going to see most action in Japan. That said, they never reveal everything before the big show, and there