Happy belated birthday for Arcade Heroes – Dec. 3rd 2006 was when the site got it’s start, and because I was a little overloaded on work this week, I forgot to run a post about it. But no worries, better late than never, right?
What is your favorite story that we’ve run over the years?
Berzerk World Record Holder Joel West Passes Away
(Joel is dressed in yellow in the Featured Image for the post)
The classic gaming/high score community was given some terrible news this week, as gamer Joel West passed away at the age of 58. I did not personally know Joel, but many of my online friends did and have been posting tributes. By all info I’ve heard, he was a gracious and fun guy, with incredible talent for classic video games; a true Arcade Hero. Eighty-Three Arcade wrote up a great memorial for him; RIP Joel.

Bandai Namco Reveals Pac-Mancave.com
If you’ve got a mancave, then Bandai Namco is ready to help you furnish it with some officially licensed game gear. While they have the Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Chill machine (and Pac-Man themed air hockey and pool tables), the company has other items made to spice up your game room/mancave. These include “PACcessory” items like pint glasses, lamps and stress balls, to decor like posters, benches and these new wooden plaques. Check it out.

Street Fighter V Gets An Official Arcade Title
Drumroll…when the arcade version of Capcom’s Street Fighter V launches next year, it’s official name is…Street Fighter V Type Arcade. As I asked in this tweet, the use of the word “type” makes me think of a couple of the typing arcade games.

The upcoming arcade edition of Capcom’s Street Fighter V has been named: “Street Fighter V Type Arcade.”
I can’t be the only one who thinks of Typing of the Dead or Lupin