Arcade news is starting to tick up once again, but I have been sidetracked on covering all of it as I’ve been working on getting my second arcade location ready to open by October 1st. Along those lines, it looks like there are enough new location stories to warrant another Location Watch post, so stay tuned for that this next week.
Now onto the quick bytes of news!
Jurassic Park Mini Coming Soon?
It seems that the story the other day about a new home version of Jurassic Park has been generating some buzz, and Raw Thrills has responded to growing operator requests. Straight from the top:
“There is misleading information about a new mini Jurassic Park arcade game. In response to numerous operator request, Raw Thrills is investigating the possibility of creating a mini Jurassic Park Arcade video game for smaller locations. Due to the preliminary state of this effort no further information can be released at this time.” – Eugene Jarvis, President of Raw Thrills
I’ll let you know more once there is more to know, but I think that this is a welcome possibility!
Pre-Orders Open For Psyvariar Delta AC
I had a post partially complete to focus just on this, but it was a victim of my limited time. Fans of Success’ Psyvariar are in luck, as the latest version of the game is now available to pre-order for arcades. Psyvariar Delta AC is exclusively available on the exA-Arcadia platform and can be nabbed just as a cart for around $1250 USD. Per the page, here’s what it’s all about:
PSYVARIAR DELTA AC brings back the classic series to the HD age! Combining all of the ships, stages and pulse pounding techno music from past installments, Medium Unit and Revision as well as the all new Delta stages and newly composed tracks by master WASi303. Supporting both horizontal