It’s been yet another crazy week, but regardless your political persuasion, arcades are still there to provide for some escapism. It does seem that a lot of people are still talking about the Sega situation, but there is still some dubious info out there – just a reminder that their operations have been sold off to another company, some resources going towards console development. As it currently stands, Sega Amusements is still around and continues to work on new arcade games, some of the newest ones hoping to release Q1 2021.
Anyways, here are some quick pieces of news from the industry:
Stern Pinball Releases Making of TMNT Video
In case you wanted some gnarly behind-the-scenes info:

and this isn’t news, but boutique pinball maker Spooky Pinball posted this fun video this week:

What Was Midway’s Unreleased Spitfire Like?
Way back in 2013, I published a post about unreleased arcade games developed by Midway. A couple of former Midway employees including Brian Colin and Steve Ranck contributed to the post, but over time we’ve had other Midway employees chime in about projects they’ve worked on. Perhaps there is enough information out there to do Part #3 – in fact, I’d love to hear from any of you with whatever details you’d be happy to provide so we can preserve the memory of these games, even if the games themselves have been lost to time.
Anyways, here is Earl Vickers, programmer for the mysterious Spitfire that is briefly mentioned on the post, giving us more details than I had ever seen about this visceral early 80’s arcade game that never was:

Also speaking about 80s Midway games, there are additional endings to The Spectre Files: Deathstalker, although hard to tell if Brian was being sarcastic here…
New Redemption Piece Out Of China: Slide Up
I’d never heard of Super Wing before,