Happy weekend readers, here are some items to share for the weekend.
As a note, I am getting close to producing a print copy of the Arcade Heroes Arcade Almanac, but it has been a slow process thanks to the need for physically resizing each page by hand, as each is an image as opposed to formatted text in a word processor. Crossing my fingers for next week, but I want to thank everyone asking about that for their patience!
Mario Kart VR Finally Comes To The USA
Ever since Namco launched their VR Zone location in Japan with Mario Kart VR headlining the various titles available, gamers have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the game. After a long wait, and seeing the game come to Western locations such as London, it is finally coming to the United States with a VR Zone location coming to Washington D.C. I was wondering if Bandai Namco might try and broaden the scope of this by attaching it to the We Play VR enclosures that they sell, but so far I’m not aware of that being the case. Perhaps we’ll hear more about future plans on this one at IAAPA. As a note, I saw one major outlet reporting this as though the game is going to be released on HTC Vive for consumers, however I have not been able to confirm this anywhere else so we’ll not link to them on that for now. Site friend Kevin Williams shared an image of the Mario Kart VR setup, which is just below the video:

I still find it odd that Namco didn’t give their Skiing VR game the Alpine Racer title, but oh well.
EAS 2018 Round-Up – Race Craft Reappears
This week in Amsterdam, the IAAPA organization held their annual “European Attractions Show”