Hello and welcome to this summer edition of Newsbytes. Arcade news itself has been pretty slow this week, apart from talking about Chuck E. Cheeses, but we’ve got enough “bytes” to hopefully tide you over for now.
I almost missed this, but happy 48th anniversary to Atari Corp as of today. I always think it’s in July for some reason. What is your favorite arcade game to hail from Atari?
Metal Slug Code J Revealed
SNK had announced that they were working on a new Metal Slug some time ago, and today they finally showed the game off. Under the prototype name Metal Slug Code J (apparently that is subject to change), it looks like part remake, part sequel (seaboot? sequboot?), but my enthusiasm for this is decidedly diminished by it only being available on mobile. I know some have said that there are some great touchscreen-mimicking-joystick controls out there, but I guess I’ve just missed them – everything I’ve tried in that regard just isn’t satisfying. Maybe I’m just an old #getoffmylawn codger who likes playing arcade-style games where they were meant to be played. A modified version of this would make a really nice fit for Exa-Arcadia, and I imagine that it would get a ton of play in arcades – I have a Metal Slug 2 & 6 at the moment and they still do fine.

LAI Games Launches Project: Kickstart; Player Survey
In an effort to help operators get back on their feet with some equipment that can help bring patrons in through their doors, LAI Games has teamed up with financing company Firstlease and some of their distributors to launch flexible financing for some of their games. You can check that out here.
LAI also wants to hear from players out there, as to what their thoughts are on returning to