Good morning/evening where ever you are, and welcome to Newsbytes. This is a curation of news from around the arcade/pinball world, that usually contains quick information about these stories that aren’t full enough to do a complete post about. Although today might have some things that I could expand on, but just haven’t had the time to do so. This week I signed a contract to open up a second arcade location in Utah. As such, I’ve been very busy in converting the space from a clothing store into something that will fit for an arcade.  There’s still a lot of work to do so it is ready for October 1st, but I do have some new games on the way including House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn, Daytona Championship USA and possibly a quad set of Namco’s Nirin. There are a lot of amazing deals out there right now, so I’m fortunate that last year did well enough to put me in the position I’m at right now to do this. The mall where I’m going is much nicer and busier than the present location, so I’m also hopeful that certain games will perform better in the situation.
Anyways, enough about that, onto the news:
National Video Game Day
Today is National Videogame Day – I guess – although I couldn’t find out why today of all days was picked as the time for such recognition. There is this odd official page for it, which sounds like it was written by someone who grazed the wiki page on the subject (their timeline is laughably lackluster and they say that the Atari 2600 launched with “games like Frogger,” which is completely wrong – there also isn’t much love for arcades there). Game designer Brian F. Colin shared this page in commemoration of the