Hello fellow Arcade Heroes, welcome to the middle of the weekend. I trust that it’s going well for you all, as we head into March. This next week will have a new locations post, and hopefully more info on our first Newsbyte of the post, so let’s jump into it:
Nerf Arcade Spotted On Test
Thanks to everyone who sent this my way. A new arcade title was spotted on test at both Round 1 USA (the one in Puente Hills, CA) and Dave & Busters (in Addison, CA), and as you can see from this pic, it’s Nerf Arcade. It uses the same control panel/seating arrangement as Space Invaders Frenzy, but has ditched the giant LED screen in favor of a standard HDTV (unsure if it is 1080p or 4K). I reached out to RT about it who has no comment on it at this time, but they will soon. From the comments on Reddit, it sounds like it is a videmption title with shooting gallery-style gameplay. We’ll post more about this once information is available:
Exa-Arcadia Tests In Japan
Speaking of location tests (or as online translators call them in Japan, “Rocket Tests”), Exa-Arcadia will be performing location tests of Aka & Blue Type-R at three game centers next week.

exA-Arcadia Location Test
When: March 8Where:Taito Hey in Akihabaranamco in MatsudoApina in Omiya #EXA基板#さあ行こうか https://t.co/JioqHTRYLt
— exA-Arcadia公式 (@exaarcadia) March 1, 2019

The Louisville Arcade Expo Is In Full Swing This Weekend
If you are anywhere near Louisville, KY, then this event is the place for arcade and video game fans to be this weekend. Check out their main website here; one of the vendors posted this video to show off a little of what you can expect to find (which also shows a Cosmotrons “Woody” cabinet; something I’ll be adding to my game room by April).

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