Welcome to Newbytes, a curated compilation of arcade news from around the world, generally covering items that didn’t necessarily need their own full-blown post but are still worth mentioning. This week has seen arcade news slow to a crawl again, but in some positive location news, one of my locations is almost back-to-normal as far as earnings go. Seems like the light is at the end of the tunnel, but I won’t take anything for granted given how things have worked over the past year.
One other note before we get started – the Maximum Tune 5 Championship Main Draw ends after tomorrow. Hopefully, there is some more Bandai Namco arcade news after that… I also made a mistake on something I said in last week’s Newsbytes, I erroneously thought that there would be a news release regarding exA-Arcadia. WE’ll just have to hang tight for a while longer in that regard.
Team 17 Launches A New Save The Arcades Campaign
Long-time readers of the site should recall that back in 2009, Stride Gum launched a really cool effort called Save The Arcades. That campaign worked out well enough that they did a 2nd round the following year. I’m not sure why they stopped after that, but arcades did pretty well during the past decade.
Thanks to the pandemic stopping that progress in its tracks, arcades are in serious trouble again. Many locations have already closed, never to reopen, while some other icons of the location landscape are barely holding on. To help address that, game publisher Team 17 has taken the reigns of raising funds to help. From this great article on GamesIndustry.biz:
We’re talking to some of the biggest museums on the back of Team 17’s Saving The Arcade World campaign, which it’s launching to coincide with its 1980s-themed side-scroller Narita Boy. The