Hello user, and welcome to another Newsbytes. We’ve not had one for a little while since I’ve been busy working on videos and news from IAAPA 2018; I’ve still got more to get to this week, so stay tuned.
As a note before we get started, today is “Small Business Saturday,” an invention that was designed to bring some focus on the little guys out there in the aftermath of Black Friday. As many arcades out there are just small, independent outfits, they should be included in that mix, so be sure to get out and support your local small arcade if there is one to be found. That should include what we call “route operations,” where a small business installs games into a different company (movie theater lobby, truck stop, etc.). If you need help in finding a location, check out Aurcade.com.
Also, Wreck-It Ralph 2 is out in theaters. So far, I’ve heard zero reactions from those in the community about it…I’ll probably get a chance to go see it on Tuesday.
Now, onto the bytes of news!
Stern Announces Primus Pinball
When I first saw this, I wondered if it was something like a mid-year April Fools joke, but it is legit. Stern is no stranger to limited-run “boutique” machines, Supreme Pinball being one of their most recent designs. Now Primus joins the list of both boutique and music pins, recycling the layout used with the retro-style Whoa Nellie! and focusing on the odd band.

This is one that is really for fans however – only 100 units are being made and they are selling for $8000 a piece. I’m not sure why the Whoa Nellie layout was picked to recycle here, but it does have an upgraded sound system for playing 13 of the band’s songs. Although I wonder why you wouldn’t