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Atari Co-Founder & Game Designer Ted Dabney Passes Away
Unfortunately we have some bad news to start off today’s Newsbytes with. Ted Dabney passed away from terminal cancer this morning. He was 80 years old. When people talk about the original Atari, they usually discuss Nolan Bushnell but not everyone knows that the company started out as a partnership

The Atari founders

between Bushnell and Ted Dabney (left in the picture rockin’ a handlebar mustache). It was in Dabney’s home that the pair designed the first commercial video arcade game, Computer Space, under the company name Syzygy. That design used an ingenious method of decentralized processing also set the stage for PONG, which would be the catalyst for turning the video game business into what it is today. Dabney wasn’t at Atari for very long, after that he went on to Meadows and designed Flim Flam, a PONG variation with a unique feature for manipulating the ball mid-flight. He also has credits for Cobra Gunship by Meadows. Mr. Dabney didn’t seek out the spotlight, especially in modern times where interest in video game history is at an all-time high. I never knew him personally but from a few I have seen talk about him, they said he was one of the most down-to-earthIf you want the whole story then I would highly recommend picking up the book, Atari Inc. – Business Is Fun. RIP Ted.
EDIT: Nolan Bushnell’s statement on Twitter:

Ted was my partner, co-founder, fellow dreamer and friend. I’ll always cherish the time we spent together. RIP
— Nolan K Bushnell (@NolanBushnell) May 26, 2018

Also, here’s a more recent picture of Ted:

Rest in Peace Ted Dabney, co-founder of Atari. pic.twitter.com/qETWTvqSrR
— Ethan_GameResearch (@GameResearch_E) May 26, 2018

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