This week has been a little busier than the “usual” for arcade news lately  – no idea if that is indicative of anything, but I’m not complaining. Here are your Newsbytes for the weekend:
Save The Arcades Updates
It’s no mystery that every arcade out there is in trouble in one way or another – some more than others. How long a location can survive closure depends on how much capital reserves they had before this all hit, how much their landlord is willing to work with them and if there is any assistance that they have been able to get from the SBA or other sources.
Where some areas have been hit much harder than others, many locations have still been unable to open, being stuck in this limbo since March. That’s a long time to go without making money to cover expenses that haven’t stopped. To help, I wanted to give a signal boost to campaigns that have been set up to help some of these struggling locations – please, if you know of any others, let me know in the comments. These are all from different Gofundme campaigns; some have surpassed their goals, some have not. If you have the means, help them out (and of course, be sure to read up on each to determine how you’ll spend your cash):
Abari Game Bar (NC)
Arcade Legacy (KY)
Barcade Jersey City (NJ)
Billy’s Midway Arcade (NJ)
Boss Stage (CO)
Eight On The Break (NJ)
Emporium Arcade Bar (IL)
Fireball Arcade (VA)
Flashback Games (GA)
Game Nest (NV)
Gameseum (PA)
Garcade (WI)
Geeks Mania (WI)
High Scores Arcade (CA)
I/O Arcade Bar (WI)
Jackbar (NY)
Logan Arcade (IL)
Marcade (NJ)
Morristown Game Vault (NJ)
Neon Retro Arcade (CA)
Pinball PA (PA)
Pixeled Arcade and Brewery (ND)
Player One Arcade Bar (CA)
New Episode Of Playing Fields
Here is a fantastic, albeit brief look into why arcades are worth preserving for future generations – and not just