Welcome to Newsbytes, a post that curates news from around the world of arcade games and pinball. This edition is a bit brief as news is still a little sluggish in this regard but there was enough to at least discuss something. Let get into it:

The Arcade Flyer Archive Gets A Makeover

There aren’t many websites out there dedicated to preserving arcade flyers (only three, The Arcade Flyer Archive or “TAFA,” FlyerFever and Arcade-History), but the oldest one I know of has finally got a big makeover and its nice. TAFA has been a part of KLOV.com for many years, linking to the flyers from the KLOV game listing there. They had purchased the flyers from the current operator of Flyer Fever but after that didn’t do much with it – until now.

The front page now has certain features (such as Decade, Manufacturer, and Region) and I they have more recent flyers than Flyer Fever likes to host. Check them out, here.

Coin-Op: The Arcade Guide Now Available

If you’re looking to read something related to arcades and coin-op, then you might like this new 300-page book by Darren Doyle. This gets into detail on over 100 games from several different genres and has over 60k words. Check it out (and when I do, I’ll have to post a review)

Donut Dodo Do! Unboxing

I might do a post that also reviews this game but for anyone interested in seeing one of the latest exA arcade releases. For a brief review: This game is a lot of fun, and its been polished up since I saw it in March.

I also unboxed a House of the Gundead game, where I’ve captured some gameplay from it. I might post a full playthrough tomorrow or Tuesday. This one was curt due to me filming while I was working and it’s a little more complicated to get working compared to some of my other captures.

ASI Debuts Junkyard Rumble

Those looking for a game like Touch Magix’s Mega Blaster but getting the same kind of 2 unit  gameplay on 1 screen might be interested in Junkyard Rumble, by Amusement Source International. Here’s some video I pulled from their LinkedIn page:


Homebrewed Pinball

The Southern Fried Gaming Expo came and went, and with it were some homebrewed, custom pinball machines. I can’t think of an example where a custom pin was licensed by a company like Stern and turned into a professional thing, but there have been a few examples of the guys who design these getting hired on to go and create new machines. These are all courtesy of 904 Pinballzine but there is also this walkthrough by Retro Ralph:

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Need A Laugh? Comedy Show Rifftrax To Watch & Riff Mortal Kombat On Monday

Stern Pinball Hires Jeremy Packer As An Artist – Making it official now

Someone Is Making A Tarot Card Arcade Game In Japan

Content(Song) Update #41 For Step ManiaX

The Custom Street Fighter 6 Arcade Cab

Arcade 1up Brings Back Some Atari 1ups – Unless I’m mistaken, these are repros and not new-new

IAW Checks Out The 16-Bit Arcade & Bar In Nashville, TN

Very Brief History On The Atari Adventure Centers – They were like arcades & retail stores in one

Gameplay From The Latest Scooby Doo! Pinball Code – Is there a hint in this one that The Princess Bride is Spooky’s next game?

In Case You Still Give A Crap About The Billy Mitchell “Saga”

[Console] Xeno Crisis (there is a Neo Geo MVS port of this) Has Been Ported To The SNES

[Console] Donkey Kong Was In The Works For The Philips CD-i

[Console] Sega Releases Screenshots From The Canned Saturn Game Sonic X-Treme

[Console] Latest Version Of The BPEmulator For The Atari Jaguar Adds VR Support

[Console] In Memory Of The 90s Arcade Racer

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