Welcome to another Newsbytes, although this one is somewhat different from the norm. With a pandemic sweeping the globe, it’s presented an unprecedented challenge that wasn’t something that I think could have been easily prepared for. While you can follow news on the various health and economic impacts across the Internet, I’m going to focus on the arcade industry (for obvious reasons).
I think that the large companies will be able to weather the storm ok, but those who are small are going to need this to pass sooner rather than later to still be in business after it is over. Depending upon where an arcade is located can affect whether or not a closure is mandatory, since different states have been putting forth different measures. Utah has put restrictions on dine-in restaurants and gatherings like everyone else, although they have stopped short of ordering certain businesses to close completely. In my case, the mall was remaining open, but a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday closed the mall down through this coming Monday (which also happened the day after I received Stranger Things Premium). Before that, business was down 60-70% as most people put into practice “social distancing,” thus also rendering some of the disinfecting measures I had been taking moot.
Here’s an aggregate collection of headlines related to the shutdown:
Some Arcades Get Around The Shutdown By Renting Out To Homes
John Salter’s Full Blast Arcade Permanently Closes
CoinUp Suspends Fees For March (Affecting Big Buck HD commercial units)
Big Movie Theater Chains (which often include arcades in their lobbies) Closed For 8-12 weeks
Firestone Financial Offering Relief Assistance (If you use someone other than FS, be sure to ask)
Miniboss Running Staff Relief Fund To Help Ride Out The Storm
Arcade Galactic (My arcade mentioned above in UT) Selling Apparel/Stickers/Branded Items To Help
Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Hitting