Welcome to another weekend, and with that, another newsbytes. Here are the few things I’ve curated for you to watch or muse over:
Bay Tek Introduces The Skee-Ball Carnival
If you’ve been to a carnival or theme park midway, chances are that they have a bank of alley bowling games, particularly of the Skee-Ball brand. The game is the perfect fit for such venues, which often will put them into trailers as the carnival travels around the country.

One issue that has popped up however is age. Just like arcades that get as much mileage as they can out of cabinets released in the 1990’s or even the 80’s, some carnivals have not updated their set in a very long time. To address this, Bay Tek has created a new carnival model of their iconic Skee-Ball game, sporting a durable, elements resistant construction, color LED display, interactive rail LEDs and more. You can read more about it here. 
Scarygirl Mission Maybee Announced For LBE VR
“LBE” isnt a phrase we use every day here, although I suppose it should be more common. It’s been concocted as the replacement for “coin-op,” given that you have more options to pay for games than just coins these days; it stands for “Location Based Entertainment.” Rolls off the tongue better than “Out-of-home entertainment” (OOHE, which sounds like something a prospector might yell instead of “eureka!”).
In terms of LBE VR, a new project from a Toronto-based company called Dark Slope has landed as a “massive free-roam multiplayer” installation in Toronto. Called Scarygirl Mission Maybee, up to four players can don a VR headset and tackle the gothic-themed levels as a team. This is the company’s first project, something that has already secured seed funding to the tune of $1.5 million. Here’s a snippet from the press release that details what