Where I’ve been busy with Amusement Expo videos and posts, I haven’t had a lot of time to collect items for Newsbytes, but thanks to you readers on the different social media sites out there, we’ve got a few things to look at. In case you missed it, here is look #1 at what was at Amusement Expo earlier this week. Enjoy!
Sonic & Mario At The Olympic Games Arcade Edition Announced
Thanks to Jdevy for pointing this one out. One of the more unusual arcade releases in recent memory (2016), was that of Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition. Apart from being a mouthful to say, it brought back a style of sports play that had rarely been seen in arcades after Konami’s Track & Field (yes there were a few after that, but they were kind of obscured by T&F’s light). With the 2020 Olympics approaching fast, Sega has decided to give arcades some love once again, with Sonic & Mario At The Olympic Games Arcade Edition. This trailer does focus on the console versions of the game; at this point, we only know that an Arcade Edition will exist thanks to the logo at the end there.
While we don’t know if this would be made available as an upgrade kit for existing MASRIO2016 cabs, or if it will use something new entirely, I do hope that they will improve the quality of the controls. That is perhaps the biggest complaint I’ve seen from operators out there, as MASRIO was prone to the joysticks being damaged.

Since we’re on the subject of Sega, there are a couple of other related items of interest to share. First, there is no indication that Initial D will be coming back to the West in any official capacity, but players