Welcome to another edition of Newsbytes, a quick collection of news items from the arcade world.
Things Coming Along For Super Nintendo World At Universal Studios Japan
If you plan on heading over to Japan for the Summer Olympics next year, then you’ll want to make sure you have the funds to visit the hottest new attraction that will be opening at Universal Studios Japan – Super Nintendo World. Construction has been on-going at the park since 2017, with around 60 million yen (approx. $54 million) being invested into the park. Thanks to Kevin Williams, we have this distant look of how a part of the park is coming along:

Adrenaline Promotes Rabbids & Ladders
I think it’s safe to say that the two new games from Adrenaline Amusements at IAAPA 2019 will be Hot Wheels – King of the Road and this one, Rabbids & Ladders. Playing off of the ancient Snakes ‘N Ladders board game concept, you’re just using Ubisoft’s Rabbids instead of snakes to reach the top and win the ticket bonus. This looks like it might be a replacement for the 4-player Rabbids Ticket Fiesta game that was never released.

Rediscovering DiverBras And Their Sports Car Cabinet Add-ons.
Waaaay back in 2008, I discovered the existence of a Brazilian arcade distributor by the name of DiverBras. While distributors are usually just middle men between the manufacturer and operator, sometimes they will fund unique projects or make something themselves. DiverBras decided that one way for them to stand out, and to bring more value to the old games they were selling was to remake the cabinets with Sports Car Add-ons. While this didn’t change a thing about how the game would play, it did help the “feel” of the cabinet. After that article, I kind of forgot about them until I visited Brazil