Happy weekend fellow arcaders and gamers. Let’s dive into some extra news I’ve come across while scouring the interwebs:
Ted Dabney: An Oral History
Recall that a short time ago, Atari co-founder Ted Dabney passed away. He was instrumental in the creation of titles such as Computer Space and PONG and was also a major player at arcade manufacturer Meadows after he was forced out at Atari. If you’ve wanted to hear his side of the story from the early days of arcade gaming then here is an oral history from the man himself, going for almost two hours. RIP Ted:

New Code For The Hobbit Pinball
If you are the owner of Jersey Jack Pinball’s The Hobbit then be aware that new code is one it’s way. Previous code builds have certainly improved on the game, including the addition of awesome effects like the playfield being ‘set on fire’. This latest code makes changes/improvements to the game modes, scoring, adding new awards, new lighting effects, lighting to make clearer where and where not you’re supposed to shoot, improvements to clips from the films, new Easter Eggs and so on. If you missed the v3.00 reveal stream last night then you are in luck as JJP has the footage archived for us to enjoy here (the video also explains the basic gameplay around 15 min in):

and speaking of JJP, some fan art for Dialed In!:

How awesome is this?! Artwork by Joel De Guzman #pinball #getdialedin pic.twitter.com/XZEGXs52rP
— Jersey Jack Pinball (@JJPinball) June 28, 2018

Neo Geo MVS LED Mod Finally Arrives
A number of individuals in recent years have talked about developing a replacement LED solution for NEO GEO MVS marquees but until this year, no one had delivered on such a project. For why this isn’t a simple solution, MVS cabinets used Electro-Luminescent paper (or EL