Welcome to the first Newsbytes of 2021, where I collect some quick news stories from around the world of arcades & pinball for your weekend reading pleasure. It was a bit delayed and almost didn’t happen for the weekend as I had to get our first item done in time and had other things to do.
The Arcade & Pinball Games of 2020
With 2020 over, we can now showcase the released games. While this says that it’s primarily for North America, all of the exA games are available worldwide. You’ll also notice that exA has given a pretty strong boost to the numbers and the genres; Otherwise this video would’ve been quite short given how many games were canceled & delayed into this year:

Speaking of new games, the page tracking 2021 releases is now live.
Long Lost Eugene Jarvis/Larry Demar Game Discovered: Conquest
Is this what became Sinistar? It’s hard to say for sure without someone from the Sinistar design team chiming in, but there are definitely some similarities between it and this newly reconstructed prototype called Conquest. To quote Code Mystics, who found the ROMs and put the game up online for all to enjoy:
“After Larry DeMar & Eugene Jarvis created Defender, they, as “Vid Kidz”, started on a 2D top-down follow-up: Conquest. It only got as far as a VERY early prototype, but we’ve reconstructed the ROMs & now you can try it out”
While “very early,” what is there is playable – and a little tough. You can see how close to Sinistar it is by clicking here.
First Footage Of Formula Race
Some years ago, UNIS had teased a racing game called Formula Zeta, but then it didn’t show up at IAAPA and we didn’t hear about it again. Then when their Showcase 2020 event took place this past October, they unveiled