Well this week was busy! Which I will not complain about…I never like doing back-to-back NEwsbytes during slow weeks.
Here’s your collection of quick news to enjoy for the weekend:
Voxon Photonics Creates An Arcade Machine
We’ve mentioned the latest developments in volumetric displays here before, with an eye towards their potential use in arcade machines. While there has been talk of such a display finding potential use for such an application, I had not seen it take the arcade step until this video below.

Voxon Photonics is based in Australia and is at the forefront of true volumetric displays. It would be awesome to see an arcade-specific title use this – what potential do you see for it in our industry?
English Trailer For House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn
Just in time for the game showing up at Dave & Busters this weekend:

Pinball Expo 2018 Preview
The next Pinball Expo is approaching fast, and that means new amusement products will be shown off. The rumor I’ve heard about Stern is that they are going to be releasing The Munsters pinball, while Chicago Gaming is expected to be showing off The Monster Bash Remake.
ColorDMD has teased their 80th release will demonstrated at the show; here’s hoping it’s Ghostbusters…the first hint seems to indicate Ghostbusters, but ColorDMD is notorious for head fakes.
I’ve been told to expect an announcement on something new from Arcadeaholics LLC (creators of Cosmotrons), but they would not confirm or deny if it’s video or pinball related. We’ll just have to wait for the surprise.
While not related to Pinball Expo, we’ve also heard:
Stern Pinball Cleverly Announces Final Run Of Metallica Pinball
Joe Balcer Reveals American Pinball’s Second Title: Oktoberfest: Pinball On Tap – I do imagine that given the theme that American would take the opportunity to show something about it at Expo, but I