Welcome to another edition of Newsbytes, a compilation of quick (or last minute) stories that I’ve curated for the weekend.
Wahlap At AAA2019
Chinese game manufacturer Wahlap has been busy as of late, and they were all smiles at the recent Asia Amusement & Attractions 2019 Expo. This video shows the highlights, which includes some Western game makers such as Adrenaline & Bay Tek. The main game we haven’t seen much of until now would be Speed Driver 5, but everything else has been around for a while:

Before we move on, just a reminder that this week is the International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas. I’m not aware of any big announcements like we had last year with Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash, Connect 4 Hoops and a more complete version of Transformers Shadows Rising. What we do know so far is that LAI Games will have the three new films for Virtual Rabbids that they’ve been touting for a while, and Bandai Namco has stated they’ll unveil a new redemption game based on a “huge brand IP.” Touch Magix might have something new there, but I think it is related to bowling and not a dedicated arcade game. Otherwise, everyone will be there, but if there’s something completely new for video, it’ll be a surprise. I would be happy to see LAI bring Outnumbered, but that is more likely for IAAPA than Bowl Expo.
Dead or Alive 6 Arcade Testing This Week In Japan
I read after this announcement tweet that the test was pushed back a day, but still, fans of the DOA franchise can be happy to hear that Tecmo Koei is giving DOA some arcade love once again (they did with DOA5, but like 6, it looks like they’ll just keep it digital). This is being tested on Sega’s All.net+ Multi 3