How do you do, fellow kids? We’ve got some interesting items of arcade goodness to talk about for this weekend, so let’s hop to it:
The World’s Largest X-Men Arcade Game Installed at Geek’s Mania
When Konami released their beat ’em up based on Marvel’s X-Men cartoon in the early 90’s, they made two versions – a typical single screen 4-player model, and the iconic dual screen six-player behemoth. You can still find a few installed at arcades out there (I’ve had one for several years, although it may be finding a new home soon), but if you hit up an arcade/comic book store called Geek’s Mania in Madison, WI, you’ll find a unique setup that just launched this weekend that is calling itself the “world’s largest X-Men.” They took the “guts” of the machine, put them into the handy box below, built a new control panel (reminiscent of the Pac-Man Battle Royale deluxe control panel) and are projecting the screen image using two projectors. This reminds me of the Rastan III: Warrior Blade setup that I played at CAX 2018, although a bit more professional.

Coverage From IAAPI 2019
There are a lot of trade shows & arcade gaming events taking place this month, one of which was held this week in Bombay, India by the name of IAAPI. While the name is similar to IAAPA, I do not believe that the organizations are the same; IAAPI stands for the “Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries.”
Our headlining advertiser, Touch Magix, is headquartered in India and shared some photos from their very busy booth onto social media, while site friend & contributor Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report was there to check out the show as well as make a keynote presentation at the FEC Connect. I’ll share his thoughts about it, then